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The journal “Bulletin of Surgery of Kazakhstan” is a peer-reviewed medical publication officially issued by the A.N. Syzganov National Scientific Center for Surgery. Today we can confidently say that the journal has deservedly become an authoritative source of the latest scientific information, ideas, research, analysis and trends in modern areas of surgery.

Currently, for more progressive integration into the world medical science and well-known scientometric platforms, starting in 2018, the Bulletin of Surgery of Kazakhstan is published in English. By the way, the magazine has its own website (vhk.kz ), which ensures the submission of articles by authors online. In addition, the publication is well represented on social networks, which allows, among other things, much-needed feedback from the editors.

The journal is well cited and has its own impact factor according to the versions of the Kazakhstan Citation Database and the Russian Scientific Citation Index. Moreover, the Bulletin of Surgery of Kazakhstan is indexed in Google Scholar and CiberLeninka, and an annual subscription to CrossRef allows you to receive DOI for each of the published articles.

The purpose

The purpose of the journal “Bulletin of Surgery of Kazakhstan” is an objective presentation of the results of fundamental and applied research in the field of cardiac surgery, angiosurgery, abdominal surgery, oncology, urology, anesthesiology-resuscitation, otorhinolaryngology, traumatology, transplantology, microsurgery, plastic surgery and other areas of surgery.

Journal sections


Diagnosis and treatment

Public health

Free Access Policy

The journal “Bulletin of Surgery of Kazakhstan” provides direct open access to its content, based on the following principle: free open access to research results contributes to an increase in global knowledge exchange.


A review is an evaluation analysis of a scientific article submitted for publication in the scientific journal “Bulletin of Surgery of Kazakhstan”, which is an independent written scientific work performed by specialists of the same subject area to which the author of the reviewed work belongs. In the review, the main thing is the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the material, a brief reproduction of the views of the author of the material and the scientifically based attitude of the reviewer to the main ideas of the author, their interpretation in accordance with the beliefs of the reviewer.

The review is mandatory as the main document of the examination carried out by the editorial board to determine the compliance of the material with the scientific and thematic focus of the journal. Reviewing helps the editor-in-chief when deciding on the publication of the work, and the author can help improve his work through communication with the editorial board.

The journal “Bulletin of Surgery of Kazakhstan” adopted a “two-way blind” review (the reviewer and the author do not know each other’s names).

Each selected reviewer should be guided by the Code of ethics of scientific publications: confidentiality, objectivity, impartiality, clarity and reasonableness of expressing his opinion, compliance with the principle of recognition of primary sources, inadmissibility of mutual peer review. Reviewers are notified that the manuscripts sent to them are the private property of the authors and relate to information that is not subject to disclosure (disclosure of the information of the article before its publication is possible only with the written consent of the author).

The author of the reviewed work is given the opportunity to get acquainted with the text of the review.

The Editorial Board of the journal has developed recommendations on the structure of the review of a scientific article submitted to the editorial board of the journal “Bulletin of Surgery of Kazakhstan”. The reviewer must determine the correspondence of the material presented in the article to the profile and subject of the journal; briefly describe the problem to which the article is devoted; to assess the degree of relevance, originality and significance of the results obtained, compliance with modern achievements of scientific and theoretical thought, accessibility in terms of language, style, location of the material, clarity of tables, diagrams, drawings and formulas, expediency taking into account previously published literature on this issue; to note the positive aspects, as well as the disadvantages of the article.

If there is an indication in the review of an article that it needs to be corrected, then the article is sent to the author for revision.

The article modified (revised) by the author is re-sent for review and is considered in the general order.

An article not recommended for publication by the reviewer is not accepted for reconsideration.

The final decision on the expediency of publishing an article is made by the editorial board of the journal.


Publications in the journal “Bulletin of Surgery of Kazakhstan” are included in the calculation systems of citation indices of authors and journals. “Citation index” is a numerical indicator that characterizes the significance of this article and is calculated on the basis of subsequent publications referring to this work.

The journal is indexed in the systems:

Kazakhstan Citation Database

Russian Science Citation Index

Google Academy (Google Scholar)

Ethics of scientific publications

Publication of materials in peer-reviewed journals is not only a simple way of scientific communication, but also makes a significant contribution to the development of the relevant field of scientific knowledge.

The editorial policy of the journal is based on the traditional ethical principles of Kazakh scientific periodicals and is based on the ethical standards of editors and publishers, enshrined in the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for the journal Editor (Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors) and the Code of Conduct for the journal Publisher (Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers), developed by the Committee on Publication Ethics – Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Duties of Editors

Decision on publication



Disclosure policy and conflicts of interest

Supervision of publications

Engagement and collaboration in research

Responsibilities of Reviewers

Influence on the decisions of the Editorial Board

Sense of duty


Requirements for the manuscript and objectivity

Recognition of primary sources

Disclosure policy and conflicts of interest

Responsibilities of the Publishing House

The publisher must follow the principles and procedures that facilitate the performance of ethical duties by Editors, Reviewers and Authors of the scientific journal “Bulletin of Surgery of Kazakhstan” in accordance with the existing general requirements.

The publishing house should support the Editors of the journal “Bulletin of Surgery of Kazakhstan” in considering claims to the ethical aspects of published materials and help to interact with other journals and/or Publishers if this contributes to the performance of duties by Editors.

The publisher should promote good research practices and implement appropriate standards to improve ethical guidelines, procedures for the removal and correction of errors.

The publisher must provide appropriate specialized legal support (opinion or advice) To editors if necessary.


JSC “A.N. Syzganov National Scientific Center for Surgery”

Financial policy

In accordance with the open access policy, the activities of the journal “Bulletin of Surgery of Kazakhstan” are funded by the founder.

The journal “Bulletin of Surgery of Kazakhstan” currently does not charge a filing fee, membership fee, publication fee, page fee, fee for color drawings or any other fees for regular submission of articles. All submitted manuscripts are reviewed and published free of charge.

Disclosure policy and conflicts of interest

Unpublished data obtained from submitted manuscripts cannot be used in personal research without the written consent of the Author.

Information or ideas obtained during the review and related to possible benefits should be kept confidential and not used for personal gain.

Reviewers should not participate in the review of manuscripts in case of conflicts of interest due to competitive, joint and other interactions and relationships with any of the Authors, companies or other organizations associated with the submitted work.

Borrowing and plagiarism

The Editorial Board of the journal “Bulletin of Surgery of Kazakhstan”, when considering an article, can check the material using the Anti-Plagiarism system. In case of detection of numerous borrowings, the editorial board acts in accordance with the COPE rules.

Log permissions

All questions concerning the publication of materials should be sent to the editorial office of the journal “Bulletin of Surgery of Kazakhstan”.

JSC “A.N. Syzganov National Scientific Center of Surgery”, Zheltoksan, 62,

Postal code: 050004, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

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Tel: +7 (727) 279-99-61

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